Individual Investors

Active Investors receive:


-Daily alert system on 100% of buys and sells (this occasionally includes ideas outside of the metals/mining sectors as well)

-Regular updates on any pertinent news that can move the commodities sector (Fed policy, ECB policy, Nonfarm Payrolls, GDP, etc)

-Regular transcripts of "CEO interviews," where we share information gathered from a 1-on-1 meeting

-Quarterly phone calls with John

-Emails with John


Passive Investors receive:


-This service is best suited for medical professionals, lawyers, doctors, contractors etc that are simply too busy to follow our daily alert system. They want to create a portfolio they can buy and hold over a longer period of time.

-Clients receive access to all holdings in the Feneck Metals & Mining Portfolio, so you can mirror our favorite stocks/mutual funds/ETFs

-Emails are sent when a position changes in a significant way (for example, 33% of the position has been bought or sold.)

-All that an active client would receive, but no daily alerts, no phone calls and only a few emails are provided.

Both services also tell investors when John will attend a conference, speak at an event, or be interviewed on a podcast or webcast.

Subscription Options:


Active: Please contact John at or 732-300-5451 for monthly rates. John believes in charging a fee that is in-line with both the amount of time you require and how much money you are investing in metals and mining stocks. Therefore, fees for active clients could actually be LESS than those for passive clients (for example, a client wants to receive daily alerts but wants to start with $50000. Charging $225/month may be too much, so John may charge that client less than a passive investor...despite receiving a higher level of service.) 


We've listed the difference between Platinum, Gold and Silver memberships below. Please select the option that best suits your needs:


1) $449 = access to mining portfolio and "platinum" services (monthly fee)

2) $349 = access to mining portfolio and "gold" services (monthly fee)

3) $225 = access to mining portfolio and "silver" services (monthly fee)


4) $175 = access to energy portfolio (monthly fee)


5) $249 = 1 hour call with John (see addl options if you need less than 1 hour)


6) $62.50 = 15 minute call with John


7) $125.00 = 30 minute call with John


8) $187.50 = 45 minute call with John

Note: John is not a financial advisor or RIA.

In short, we believe investors need to partner with someone to help them navigate today’s challenging markets and news. We have a combined 43 years of experience in the financial services business and feel confident we can help guide you on your financial journey. We hope that we can earn your business, and look forward to answering any questions you may have by clicking here.

Payments may also be sent via:

-Venmo @john-feneck-1