"I've had the pleasure of knowing John since 2002 when I was the Fixed Income Product Specialist for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers covering all fixed income open-end and closed-end funds. John was always one of the top producers at Merrill, and was once named executive of the year. I traveled with him frequently and assisted him with seminars on numerous other occasions. He was always thoroughly professional and a pleasure to work and travel with. He was one of the hardest working sales professionals I've ever worked with (including my experience 2007-2017 at BlackRock globally) and perhaps the most knowledgeable, both about the capital markets and how they related to products and sales opportunities. He had excellent relationships with his clients, managers, and top ranked Financial Advisors (FAs). I would highly recommend him as a partner."

Craig B.

Former Managing Director

BlackRock Funds


"I managed financial professionals nationally for over 15 years at firms like JP Morgan Chase and SunAmerica . It is such a challenging role in which to pursue and achieve excellence because it requires such a wide range of talents and skills. In all my time John Feneck pursued that quest for excellence with more focus and passion than any of the hundreds of professionals who reported to me. He built his plans based on his strengths and his execution was perfect. In a job description that allows for lone players content to be judged only on their performance, John went above and beyond, making the contribution of his example, ideas, and strategies a big plus for everyone who worked with him.


In the most challenging market environments, John was able to retain his relationships and begin new ones by immediately demonstrating credibility, commitment and VALUE to companies and top Financial Advisors. John is one of the very few who is able to intelligently AND compellingly discuss markets and current trends. And, he does it in the context of a real knowledge of market history. John's tool kit is both robust and extensive!"

Ron H.

Former National Sales Manager

JP Morgan Chase Funds


“John has been instrumental in helping me guide my clients through this latest crisis. As an advisor, my time is spread thin due to the demands of my business. I really needed a skilled technician to help me capitalize on opportunities in the markets, by being proactive instead of reactive with portfolio changes. John is forward thinking and responsive to my needs. He’s been a great partner.”

Nelisha F.


Prosperion Financial Advisors 

Denver, CO