As a survivor of Hurricane Sandy, Irma, Maria and Jose, I know that a tidal wave can be a powerful thing.

Today, corporations, financial advisors and investors are faced with a tidal wave of news about pandemics, unprecedented central bank action, trade wars, oil wars and other things that can easily create doubts, which may lead to untimely investment decisions.


Feneck Consulting, LLC is an international corporate communications firm that works with three distinct types of people: 1) CEO's and IR executives in the commodities industry, specifically the junior mining sector, that want to raise awareness about their brand and time sensitive news, 2) HNW Financial Advisors that are seeking guidance on asset allocation and how to properly add commodities/metals/miners to their portfolios, and 3) Individual Investors that want assistance in assessing the opportunities and risks in the financial markets and, specifically, in the commodities markets. We have a proven track record of success over 28 years in the financial services business and look forward to working with you.

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