John Feneck

John began his career in 1992 as an equity analyst on the Merrill Lynch global allocation fund (MALOX). From 1993-2019, John was a senior executive for Mutual Fund and ETF providers, spending most of his career at Merrill Lynch Funds (now Blackrock) and JP Morgan Chase Funds. He was ranked #1 in both gross and net sales once at Merrill Lynch and three times at JP Morgan Chase (out of 40 senior executives.) John has conducted over 250 seminars and has been part of an investment roundtable at 4 global events. He has also been a contributor to Live Gold Prices | Gold News And Analysis | Mining News | KITCO on 2 occasions recently (see 4/3/20 piece in the articles & podcasts tab).


He was a member of the precious metals PM team at Sprott in 2017 and has developed a compelling track record (see performance tab) based on a proprietary methodology, which combines technical analysis with public information gathered from direct interaction with senior management of commodities companies. He believes that building a diversified portfolio of 25 to 50 exceptional resource stocks is critical to success. The commodities sector is the most volatile of all sectors, so John's "go anywhere" approach allows him greater flexibility than the average PM, who is many times constrained by propectus language such as holding 5% or less in any one stock, focusing on tax-efficiency at the potential expense of total return, being 80% invested at all times, etc.


In September 2019, John started Feneck Consulting, LLC, based on demand from commodity companies, especially those in the metals and mining sector. Feneck Consulting helps small and mid-cap companies to raise awareness about their brand. The enterprise also works with HNW Financial Advisors and clients, educating them about the opportunities and risks in the financial markets and, specifically, in the commodities markets. To learn more about John's background, please visit his LinkedIn profile.  Throughout his career, he has passed the series 7, series 63, series 65, CMFC and CIMA level one.


John lives in Scottsdale, AZ and is a single Dad to an amazing 8 year old daughter that is his best friend. On the weekends, he is a professional musician and enjoys performing and writing music, along with playing sports and traveling.