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Profiting from all-time highs in gold

through exposure to precious metals stocks

Gold hit an all-time high in April 2024, but many gold stocks are still near multi-year lows. This is a great opportunity for investors to educate themselves about the disconnect between the gold price and gold stocks, and take positions in certain precious metals names before they receive more institutional interest.


John has spoken on over 70 webinars, but has never hosted one specifically around his investment process. 

Get access to the replay of John's first live educational webinar.

John packed a lot of value into this 90 minute event and the replay is priced at  a modest $125 compared to the rate of $350/hour that John normally charges.

About the Event

Before John became an executive in the Metals and Mining arena, he was an equity analyst at the largest asset manager in the world (Blackrock Funds, formerly Merrill Lynch Asset Management).


In this event, John shared his approach to research and how he uses that knowledge to invest in precious metals stocks. Additionally John conducted a review of his top 10 holdings (as of March 31, 2024). 


John's Unique Research Approach

John discusses multiple charts, and how he identifies unusual volume, insider buying, websites he uses on a daily basis and more.

Current Precious Metals Positions

How John is positioned with gold at all-time highs including a brief review of John's Top 10 gold and silver stocks as of March 31, 2024.

Portfolio Construction

How John uses technical analysis to achieve better executions on investments.

Q&A Session

A Q&A session where John is asked about gold and precious metals investing.

Additional Value

John will provide a 5% discount to any paid attendee that would like to try his services.

Click here to view subscriptions.

Gold Event April 24 - Replay



Profiting from all-time highs in gold through exposure to precious metals stocks

John's Unique Research Approach

Portfolio Construction

Current Precious Metals Positions

Q&A Session

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