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Technical analysis

How to identify tops and bottoms and macro factors driving precious metals higher

Gold has maintained its 2024 rally, silver has broken major resistance of $30/oz, and certain precious metals equities have started to move higher. There are still gold & silver equities that offer great value today, but it is important to buy equities with purpose, and understand when stocks get overvalued. This is a great opportunity for investors to educate themselves about technical analysis applied to gold and silver equities through a discussion with two industry experts, who have over 50 years of combined experience in this arena.

Join precious metals veterans Don Durrett and John Feneck for this online event, where they will discuss 10 of their top gold and silver equities from a technical perspective, how to identify tops and bottoms in certain equities, and the macro factors driving precious metals higher.

Sign up for this live educational webinar, which will take place

Monday June 17 from 2:00-3:30PM Pacific Time (PDT)

Don and John are going to pack a lot of value into this event and it will be priced at a modest $110 if you register before the event ($149 after).

About the Hosts

Don Durrett is an expert on gold and silver mining stocks and the author of How to Invest in Gold & Silver: A Complete Guide With a Focus on Mining Stocks. Don is a frequent guest on mining podcasts, and has a large following on Twitter (currently 40K followers). He runs the gold/silver mining stock data website and a Youtube channel (DonDurrett).


John Feneck is the founder and CEO of Feneck Consulting. He was an equity analyst at the largest asset manager in the world (Blackrock Funds, formerly Merrill Lynch Asset Management) and a member of the precious metals PM team at Sprott in 2017. John has made multiple appearances on Kitco as a featured guest, has been the keynote speaker at over 250 client seminars & 70 webinars, and has been a participant in investment roundtables at 9 global events.


Current Macro Picture

Detailed discussion on macro factors affecting gold and silver in 2024

Gold & Silver Equities

Don and John will analyze 5 stocks each and go into detail using charts and other factors, such as RSI.

Trading Strategies

Don and John usually agree on entries... but what about exits? A detailed discussion on how to identify tops and bottoms with examples provided.

Q&A Session

A Q&A session where participants have the opportunity to ask John and Don anything related to gold, silver and related equities.

Additional Value

John will provide a 5% discount to any paid attendee that would like to try his services.

Click here to view subscriptions.

Technical Analysis Event - June 17, 2024



Technical analysis on 10 top gold and silver holdings, how to identify tops and bottoms and macro factors driving precious metals higher

Current Macro Picture

Trading Strategies

Gold & Silver Equities Analysis

Q&A Session

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